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Appraisals for Personal Property

What are we talking about when we say personal property?


“Personal property” is property that is portable and not fixed in place like a house or a building. Personal property can include fine art, silverware, antiques, furniture pieces, collectables, etc.

There are various reasons personal property needs a professional appraisal. Before obtaining an appraisal, it is important to understand the purpose it will serve because there are many levels of “worth” or “value” that need to be established.

Most personal property appraisals fall into the following categories:

  • Insurance – you need to obtain or update insurance for your personal property.

  • Claim – you have experienced personal property loss and need to manage an insurance claim.

  • Donation – you are donating personal property.

  • Estate Planning – you must settle the personal property of an estate.

  • Probate – you must legally formalizing a will, or an estate when a will is not available.

  • Open Market – you are selling or buying personal property.

  • Division of Property – you must settle the division of personal property in an estate.

We provide our clients with personal property appraisals for Insurance, Claim, Donation, Estate Planning, Probate, Open Market, and Division of Property. 

Each appraisal has different requirements, and Frank’s extensive knowledge and industry expertise, combined with meticulous, thorough and well organized research provides our clients with guidance and information that help them obtain exactly what they need for their specific appraisal.

Contact our office to discuss your personal property appraisal needs!

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