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The Revival of Antiques

As you can imagine we are all a bit biased towards antiques around here to begin with, can you blame us? I understand the convenience factor of Ikea's allen key culture but there is something besides quality you just wont find in those mile high warehouse shelves on your way out the door.

When a piece of furniture is well made, well loved and well used something happens to it, it becomes more then an item of function it becomes part of a life. Sale after sale with this company one of my favourite moments still remains the same. I adore when a client gets that look in their eye when they spot an item they know is meant for them, the perfect fit. We get to see the continuum of the items from one life to the next. People falling in love. In love with the style, the history, the character or the potential.

Who has ever fallen in love at Ikea with anything more than the meatballs?

Antique Chest
Antique Chest

Appraising your Antiques

Contact Frank Hall to have learn more about your pieces and have them appraised for personal and business.


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